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    What is CWF?

    The Corey Webster Foundation’s mission is to provide support and signature programming through community outreach initiatives that motivate, inspire, and empower the next generation of leaders and volunteers.

    Message from Corey

    Hello Friends, Thanks for visiting my website and especially for taking the time to become familiar with my passion- the Corey Webster Foundation! The Corey Webster Foundation was formed to to provide support and signature programming through community outreach initiatives that motivate, inspire, and empower the next generation of leaders and volunteers.
    I want kids to use good judgment; but rather than tell them what to decide, I want to teach them how to make the best decisions for themselves. I hope the foundation will help provide them with the tools they need to thrive. In addition to the funding provided by the foundation, we will render services to the community through various community outreach initiatives. In directly speaking and working with the youth, I hope to motivate them to make the best decisions in life and to be leaders in their own community. This is why we chose our motto: Motivate. Inspire. Empower.
    The Corey Webster Foundation has many goals, but this year we hope to launch several new initiatives for the betterment of the community. I am confident that we will achieve many of them. I’m committed to working hard to accomplish these goals and I hope you will be willing to support us as well. Your donations and/or volunteerism will be dearly appreciated.
    Thank You for your time and God Bless.

    About Corey Webster

    Corey Webster is a 2004 graduate of Louisiana State University where he won a national championship title in 2003, and a two-time super bowl champion for the NY Giants. Corey is the owner of Unique Rides, a customization and auto mechanic shop in New Jersey. Realizing how the support and assistance he received contributed to his success, he decided it was time to “pay it forward” in a more impactful manner.
    In 2007, Webster established The Corey Webster Foundation as a vehicle to offer support and financial assistance to other community organizations in Louisiana, New York and New Jersey. After much consideration and thought, Corey announced in 2012 that the Corey Webster Foundation would embark on a mission to create hands-on programming that would make a lasting impression on the communities it served.
    In the Summer of 2012, The Corey Webster Foundation unveiled Suited For Success to the Baton Rouge community. Suited for Success seeks to motivate, inspire and empower students through an image and character building model built specifically for the program. Suited For Success will empower college students through its signature model to go back into K-12 schools to mentor students. Webster has also partnered with LSU Football Alumni Relations and the Cox Center for Student Athlete Success to encourage former players to return to college and finish getting their degrees.
    Most recently, Corey worked with Apostles’ House in Newark, NJ where he held “23 for 23”, a holiday give-back initiative of the foundation. Moving forward into the year, Corey hopes to continue building his foundation to continue motivating, inspiring and empowering the next generation of leaders and volunteers.

    Contact us to learn how you can become involved in the Corey Webster Foundation!


    Suited for Success - Suited for Success is the mentoring initiative of the Corey Webster Foundation
    Give Greaux Campaign - Dedicated to creating and preserving a culture of giving among LSU Athletes
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